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Placing the last floor panels

March 10, 2005: Installing the last concrete floor panels

But most of the action today is with placing floor panels on the griders linking the east and west decks. Here you can see raising the 3rd floor panel and then lowering it onto the east deck floor girders

And a little man power to coax it into its final resting place

To add a bit of action - here are two 1 min video segments of lifting the floor panel and lowering the floor panel. Each video segment is about 15 Mb, quicktime.

A view of the completed east deck (1/2 gap closed) and Peo (right) explaining something to Jack, one of the iron workers that bolted up the north splice plate.

March 11, 2005:Placing the last floor panel to close the last gap

Philip Cotter, at the left corner of the floor panel, (the iron worker who named the Last Dinosaur Standing) looks like he is signaling the crane operator a go ahead and raise the last floor panel. Actually he is secretly waving at his wife Tina. With the crane operator of the Last Dinosaur Standing, Philip developed great skill at secretly waving at Tina.

and when the panel is properly positioned over the last gap, Philip gives another secret wave for Tina, disguised as the lower-the-panel signal.

Here, Philip, now on the right corner, is trying to decide when to make another secret wave wave for Tina, or maybe wave for his kids: Jessica, Breehnna and Tristan or a wave for his mom, Debi?

Actually, dropping the last floor panel was a big media event and the crowd was extremely pleased with our New Cooper River Bridge

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