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An Outline of a Presentation of the new Cooper River Bridge construction story

These photos reflect different aspects of the construction of the new Cooper River Bridge. As I look over all the images, I am finding different ways to arrange them. Here are some time sequences as seen from the pier adjoining the IMAX theater and adjacent to the S.C. Aquarium.

As many of you know, I am exploring ways that we encourage and manage learning in our Internet connected society. While many of us understand that learning requires repetition, we overlook the other side of the coin: that infrequently used learned material leads to forgetting. Many of our K-12 and university faculty seem to ignore the the biological forgetting process and forge ahead presenting new knowledge that most of us will never use after the examination. Google and the Internet are a way out of this situation and are equivalent to a memory extension. (As an exercise, look at a very interesting essay: In defence of cheating). When used with a teaspoon of critical thinking, these new tools help me avoid the forgetting curve by providing rapid access to infrequently used knowledge.

As you can see, these photos reflect not only the bridge but the weather and light conditions. Clearly I remember last week's rainy day - but 6 months from now, I have completely forgotten it. So the presentations below show events on a monthly scale and remind me of what I have forgotten and display the variability in the bridge and viewing conditions.

  • The development of the east span
  • The construction of the west span
  • Closing the gap between the east and west spans
  • Reflections of the sun from the bridge

A composition of approaches and exits

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