Building the Ravenel Bridge

After all the photos I took, I've tried to arrange them in some order based on various topics I found interesting.

And a reminder from T.S. Eliot (East Coker from the Four Quartets)

Old men ought to be explorers
Here and there does not matter
We must be still and still moving
Into another intensity
For a further union, a deeper communion

August 22, 2004 - Building 8th cable bundle (east) and preparing for building the 9th bundle (west)

Overview of the approaches and bridge

Note the cable rig platform at each anchor: East work has partially built the cable bundle, west work is just at the point to moving the cable rigging platform into position
West platform:
Nothing but the anchor at this point and placing the cabling rig into position

East platform: Partially completed bundle: note cable ends extending out the attachment plate in the lower left

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